CHIPS Center

The Children’s Hospital Intervention and Prevention Services (CHIPS) Center moved to a larger location at 1501 4th Ave. South, with dedicated areas for counseling, medical exams and administrative offices. Each year, CHIPS staff provides around 2,000 medical exams and more than 400 counseling sessions to children who have been physically or sexually abused. The CHIPS staff is a team of specially trained licensed professional counselors, doctors, licensed social workers and sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE). CHIPS provides forensic medical evaluations, social work support services, counseling services and prevention education service.



In spring 2021, teams began working to transition to Epic for electronic medical records. The project will replace core clinical, financial and ancillary systems with Epic’s integrated enterprise system, putting us in the best position to continue providing care for the children of Alabama well into the future. We anticipate that Epic will be fully implemented throughout the main campus and Children’s South by spring 2023. Pictured: Van Johnson, Stephanie Lenz, Tom Kirst, Bob Sarnecki (Epic Leadership Team).



Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is a life-support treatment for critically ill or injured patients. This heart-lung bypass machine oxygenates the blood, giving the heart and lungs a chance to heal. It is only used after all other medical treatment has failed, and the odds of survival without it would be less than 20 percent.

As the only freestanding pediatric hospital in Alabama, the ECMO program at Children’s is a pillar of specialty care that is not available for children at any other hospital in the state. In 2019, Children’s learned that its eight ECMO machines would need to be replaced. Because of generous donor support, Children’s now has an upgraded ECMO fleet that is essential to providing high levels of care for fragile lives.

The Spectrum Quantum ECLS Platform was the superior choice as replacement for our previous ECMO machines. In addition to dependable hardware and disposables, this ECLS platform offers integrative technology and interfacing to enhance safety and performance. The compact design of the new system maximizes mobility in the ICU while offering flexibility. The new equipment was implemented into our service ahead of schedule in December 2021.